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There are as many web designers as there are websites. Choosing the perfect designer can be taxing, especially since there are countless unprincipled agencies all around. While some have fallen into the trap of unprofessional designers, we will save you the trouble by giving you the information you need to make the right choice.

Just as any other person in this age, you will probably go online and Google the term “cheap web design”. Sure enough, the results will be displayed in their millions. You will probably pick from the first page, if not the first 3.

The ranking is a good measure of credibility. However, how will you know that your choice is not a company that is only excellent in SEO and average at the design services? Well, here are a few pointers.

1.      Portfolio

Every designer will want to give you a list of decent graphic design work like this example to prove their ability to deliver. Every established designer has a portfolio that they give every prospective. If you choose to go through the portfolio, keep these few things in mind. 

·         Do the examples look like what you want in style and goals?

·         Does the portfolio show expertise and professionalism?

·         Are the sites user-friendly with attractive imagery, functional links and icons?

·         Are the sites functional on different browsers and devices?

·         Do the sites rank well on search engines?


2.      Testimonials and Reviews

Customer feedback is one of the excellent considerations when choosing a web designer. It is important that you do not rely only on the testimonials that are on the website. If you really like a designer’s work, ask them for references and follow up on the customers’ experiences. 

Talking to various people who have previously worked with the designer will give you an insight into the customer relations. When talking to other clients, try to establish the following.

·         Were the customers happy with what they were given?

·         Was the designer on schedule?

·         Did the designer ask for their input and was it implemented on the site?

·         Would they recommend the services of that designer?


3.      Investment

 The initial cost of design is without a doubt one of the main considerations when choosing a designer. Top notch designers whose sites are irresistible and high ranking on search engines tend to be expensive. 

Therefore, if your goal is to find an affordable expert to deliver good results in web design as well as SEO, your budget will dictate who you choose. At JBS, we we can provide your complete SEO requirements in addition to the regular design services. 

The cost of designing a website varies greatly depending on a lot of factors. Different designers charge varying rates for their services depending on the exact requirements and complexity of the work to be done. 

Therefore, before entering into a contract with a designer, it is essential to clarify everything involved including the services negotiated, their prices and billing method.


4.      Expertise

 When the first three factors are considered, you probably have a shorter list of designers to think about now. However, this is as essential a factor as any other, and probably the one factor that will ensure that your website will function optimally. 

It is important to gauge the expertise of the designer in important fields as HTML coding, SEO, loading speed, browser compatibility, interactive content etc. we can supply clean aged domains for all new sites. 

Even if the designer will not provide services such as web content, he should be in a position to advice on the same.

Professional designers make their clients understand that a website is not only about coding but has other elements that help in functionality. If the designer does not offer all the required services, he should be in a position to recommend an equally professional service provider. 


5.      Customer relations

This is probably one of the most overlooked factors. It is essential to pick a designer who you will communicate with effectively. Remember that it will take a considerable period to develop the site, so you need to choose someone you can work with. 

At JBS Web Design, we can check your existing domain for SEO health issues before we embark on making any changes. We ensure that you are fully informed of the progress at all stages.


About JBS Web Design Services

We are the choice company if you are looking for professional yet affordable web design services. We have a solution for you for as low as £149. Our services include:

·         1 year hosting

·         Logo design (basic)

·         Templates (over 20 options to choose from)

·         Graphic design (including basic banner images)

·         Home page content (search engine optimized 500 word article)

·         Anti-spam contact form with captcha challenge

·         Connection to CMS to view all text

·         Ability to add content to site (blogs, articles, images)

·         Sort waiting time (as low as 48 hours!)

We realize that your website is crucial to your business’ success. We are therefore quite careful to give you the results you want as well as give professional advice throughout the design process.




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