Effective Mobile App Development Methodologies

The Mobile Technology Age

The current age is that of mobile technology. People are using their cell phones and Smartphones for accessing the internet and doing all the stuff which was once thought could only be done manually. Mobile apps are literally taking over portions of the internet, if not the world, you can even find articles about how to build them in Forbes. For instance, shopping is one of the tasks that people often prefer to do online these days on their Smartphones.  The reason for this is that these phones are handy and have a plethora of apps which provide the customers the chance to choose their products wisely. Seeing the shift of the people towards the mobile apps for doing shopping and other important tasks, business companies have started paying attention to this front and have started investing in mobile app development. 

However, mobile development is not a simple task. It is a very complex procedure that requires expertise and an in-depth knowledge of the technologies that are in use at the current moment. This is the reason why most companies hire app developers for coming up with mobile apps for them.  The developers have to create the app from the ground up keeping in mind the goals that you want to achieve with the app. Since the purpose of each app is different, they are built using different methodologies. Your task in the app development process is to ensure that that developer chooses an effective mobile app development methodology and framework for creating the app. 

Types of Mobile App Development Methodologies

There are basically two types of mobile app development methodologies or approaches. The first one is the life cycle approach in which there are designated phases that need to be completed in order for the app to take shape. The second one is the agile approach in which several phases occur simultaneously. The following are some of the tried and tested mobile app development methodologies that have been used for creating apps. 

Waterfall Development

This approach towards app development is in line with the concept of life cycle approach. It consists of sequential phases that need to be completed for the app to be created. The phases which are included in this development approach include requirement analysis, software design, implementation, testing, integration, deployment and maintenance. It is a largely inflexible approach since it does not allow any revision of a completed phase during the development process. 


Incremental Development

Incremental development is an extension of the waterfall methodology. The reason for this is that it makes use of the waterfall approach for each of its phases.  This approach utilizes mini-waterfalls throughout the development process for completing small segments of the system. However, the waterfall approach is used until the designing phase only. Once the designing phase is completed, incremental development makes use of iterative prototyping for completing the development cycle.


Spiral Development

Spiral development is another example of a life cycle approach which makes use of concepts of both waterfall approach and prototyping. The focus of this development methodology is to reduce the project risk and for this it divides each phase into smaller segments that have to follow a similar sequence of steps followed by the development of a prototype. The four steps that each cycle of the development process passes through are determination of objectives, evaluation of alternatives, development of deliverables and planning for the next iteration. 

Rapid Application Development

Rapid Application Development or RAD is a slightly progressive approach towards app development which focuses on quick delivery of the system at a very low cost. In order to hasten the development process, this approach does not make use of too much upfront planning. This helps in reducing the development time. RAD makes up for the planning phase by using rapid prototyping. Moreover, this approach also encourages active user involvement throughout the development process. 

Agile Development

Agile development is the example of agile approach. This methodology advocates simultaneous work on all phases of the development process. It makes use of cross-functional teams which are working side by side and performing the tasks of designing, construction and deployment all at the same time. It is a largely flexible approach as it allows for revisiting any phase during the development process. Moreover, this development methodology requires that a working product is presented to the stakeholders at the end of iteration of the development process. This minimizes risk and allows the development team to adapt quickly to changes. 

Having chosen the right mobile app development methodology, you will have to ensure that the right framework is also chosen for the app too. Since there are a number of frameworks that are available for developing apps which are all very useful, so it isn’t such a difficult task.



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