Overcoming website ranking problems

Rank or die

There are two types of webmasters in this world. Those who are aware of the importance of site ranking and its implications, and those who see their domains fall into oblivion forever. 

In a world of increasing competition and an aggressive market, reaching popularity and visibility online is often the difference between a chance of success or complete failure. You can't let your website be flooded away by the dozens, hundreds of sites targeting the same audience as you and offering equivalent products or services. You need to step ahead and become your potential customers' first choice, or at least as close to that as you can. The way to do that in the cybersphere is, of course, site ranking.

Ranking your website is the result of a complex interaction of factors, all of which you should bear in mind when optimizing your site's SEO. Every detail counts, from image metadata to keyword density to backling profile... It's a seemingly endless list, but neglect even one of those aspects, and chances are your site will sink overnight.

SEO is a lot of work, and involves all areas of your online presence, all aspects of your website, social networks and even contact profile. If you want to take care of it yourself, you will find out how extremely time consuming it can be. And if you consider to hire other people to do it, but refuse to because you consider it to be an expense that's not worth it, well... think again.

Poor SEO and blackhat practices that backfire have given SEO companies a bit of a bad name, but if you find those that actually provide a good service and help you optimize your site properly, you will actually see an increase of online visibility of your business, which will translate into increasing activity and, of course, rising profit.

It's not just about what you do

Perhaps one of the most challenging - if not, annoying - things about website ranking is that it doesn't only depend on your own actions and decisions about your domain and online activities. There are things other webmasters and domain holders can do that may hurt - or help - your Page Rank. The most common example of this is poorly ranked sites that link to your domain for a number of reasons, even if you didn't want that link to be there in the first place. Since search engines take backlinks into account when ranking your site, these poorly ranked links actually become what's called "toxic backlinks" and lower your rankings.

You need to monitor all these factors in order to detect toxicity in your backlink profile, as well as other potential threats to your own PR. Does this still sound like nothing worth paying others to do? As in, professional, trained people with the skill and the knowledge to do it properly, and potentially save your business?

As you can see, SEO is a lot of work, but it is fundamental for your success. Your PR will be under a potential threat all the time, by the bad decisions you make about your own website as well as by the activities of third parties that somehow may harm your rankings.

Useful resources

Hiring poor providers or black-hats to do your SEO might not only be a waste of money, but also sink your PR due to malpractice. A single adjustment in Google Penguin and other ranking algorythms could be the end of your domain's visibility, so you must make sure you have the right people. Here are two reliable companies you can trust.

JBS is a comprehensive Kent-based website, gathering people who offers a wide range of SEO services. With their help, you can optimize all aspects of your website as well as create great strategies for your online business approach, CRM and other fundamental aspects of your Internet presence.

The Link Auditors provide specific services in which they have years of expertise, including backlink detox and complete tools for scanning and assessing your backlink profile. The Link Auditors deal with website ranking problems by detecting backlink toxicity so these problems can be taken care of. You should call them if you don't know why your site is underperforming, or suddenly drops PR, because chances are the problem is in its backlink profile.

Never be too afraid to make enquiries and ask for advice or quotations, you should compare different providers and read reviews so you don't face SEO problems in the future. Without a strong online presence, your business will be constantly under a serious threat.

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