Scraping Twitter For Business

Use TWITTER FOR BUSINESS, just don’t get trapped in it!


It has long been recognised that there is some value within the social media services out there for businesses to engage with their potential client base, the only problem is most people have found it frustrating and unfruitful, when trying to engage with an audiance who is being bombarded with small shouts outs (140 charactors) that go past on something called a ’NEWS FEED’, the news in that case amounts to SPAM and the messages are lost in the same way that motorway traffic ignores dead birds on the road.


Trying to work within the Twitter platform is where compaines fail, this is the first thing they need to escape from, getting out of the constratints of using 140 charactors for your message and getting away from the SPAM HIGHWAY of something called a ’NEWS feed’ is the first challange that needs to be overcome.


The value in Twitter is as a harvesting tool to find all the companies and people that are highly relevant to your market and service, this is where almost every company in the world has set up a social media account with Twitter to ensure their business is doing the ’social thing’. As a result we have a destination where nearly every company has a preseance where they have shared enough information about themselves so that we can filter out those who are relevant, who have a website, and who speak English, with this data we can then check their websites and look for matching words to ensure 100% relevancy, then find any email addresses or contact forms listed, this then becomes the most important piece of data most companies have ever had. 




GETTING THE DATA OUT of the Twitter platform is the key, we need to be able to contact people without having to use the platform that essentially has been designed with a view to paying for tweets on a ’news feed’ that will result in abouslty ZERO engamenent.



Email marketing has long since been used and proven to be the most successful way to get new customers and engage with people who maybe interested in your company services but not ready to make a purchase right now, these people are often happy to receive your messages even though they dont need anything right now, enjoying your content until such a time they may have the need.


Example of the data for Hair Salons: 





Retargeting is one of the most imprtant concepts of marketing, genetly reminding people that your company exists and is ready and waiting to serve any needs when you have them. Combining the most relevant email database obtained from TWITTER USERS that have the right profile along with Email Marketing and Retargeting is simply the most powerful and cost effective method of marketing today. It is akin to Growth Hacking via Twitter!  

These are the challenges that any good technologist will attempt to solve for you today but the most important company in this sectror providing this service today is TWITTER FOR BUSINESS


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