Cheap web design

There are as many web designers as there are websites. Choosing the perfect designer can be taxing, especially since there are countless unprincipled agencies all around. While some have fallen into the trap of unprofessional designers, we will save you the trouble by giving you the information you need to make the right choice.

Just as any other person in this age, you will probably go online and Google the term “cheap web design”. Sure enough, the results will be displayed in their millions. You will probably pick from the first page, if not the first 3. Read More...

Scraping Twitter For Business

Use TWITTER FOR BUSINESS, just don’t get trapped in it!


It has long been recognised that there is some value within the social media services out there for businesses to engage with their potential client base, the only problem is most people have found it frustrating and unfruitful, when trying to engage with an audiance who is being bombarded with small shouts outs (140 charactors) that go past on something called a ’NEWS FEED’, the news in that case amounts to SPAM and the messages are lost in the same way that motorway traffic ignores dead birds on the road.


SEO Kent

Making business in Kent

The South East is very fertile ground for businesses of all kinds, with international projections and ambitious horizons. The Kent area is perfect for these entrepreneurships because it has all resources needed for success. It serves as a bridge between the UK and the rest of the world, it has plenty of renowned universities, and it is a national and international logistics hotspot. All you need to succeed with your business in Kent is to make the right choices. Everything is there for you, and now we will briefly review some things that you should take on account when building your business in the Kent area.

As you know, contacts are the basement of any success, so if you want to establish or extend your activities in Kent you need to create a large network and get connected with suppliers, partners and potential clients. A great resource to do so is South East Local Business Partnerships, where businesspeople and members of public offices gather to monitor the business scene in Kent and delibrate about what measures to take to improve local economy and dynamism. This is a great place to get introduced to people and let others know of your activities. Read More...

Overcoming website ranking problems

Rank or die

There are two types of webmasters in this world. Those who are aware of the importance of site ranking and its implications, and those who see their domains fall into oblivion forever. 

In a world of increasing competition and an aggressive market, reaching popularity and visibility online is often the difference between a chance of success or complete failure. You can't let your website be flooded away by the dozens, hundreds of sites targeting the same audience as you and offering equivalent products or services. You need to step ahead and become your potential customers' first choice, or at least as close to that as you can. The way to do that in the cybersphere is, of course, site ranking. Read More...

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